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The VEG-ADAPT Kick-off meeting was organised at University of Torino (Italy) from 22 to 23 October, 2019.


February 28-March 15 2021

Monica went to Morocco in the frame of Task 5.2 "Social impact of vegetable crop innovation" with the great help of INRA-M partner and Migration & Développement.

She visited some horticultural cooperatives and associations in different locations in the region of Souss-Massa (SW Morocco) to analyse strengths and weaknesses of the female horticultural farms and barriers of women's work. In particular, she investigated the participation of the women and their role in horticultural sector, the division of labour between men and women and their access to resources.

The effects of climate change on cultivation methods and production, as well as the relevant management adaptations to cope with them, were explored .

The fieldwork was carried out in collaboration with INRA-Maroc and Migration & Développement.

Monica carried out interviews using two techniques: unstructured interviews to local stakeholders (i.e., cooperatives and associations members) and semi-structured interviews to key informants (i.e. representatives of associations and public structures).

She visited the following cooperatives and associations:

The Coopérative Le jardin de Touzaikou, Touzaikou, Ait Amira Chtouka, Ait Baha

This cooperative composed by 100% female members produces organic farming horticultural market goods commercialized mainly by direct-selling.

The Association Iqra, Tamait Oufella, Amskroud, Agadir Ida-ou Tanane

This association is constituted by families producing horticultural goods intended for their needs, hotels and souk market.

The Coopérative Ibharn village de Taghzoute, Arbâa Sahel, Tiznit

It involves the women in the seeds production and selection, sowing and seedling planting .

The Association Itran, Tamseksit, Askaoun, Taroudant

It is located in mountains, the women workers cultivate horticultural plants supporting the family and mantaining the environmental sustainability.

The Coopérative Ignaren, Tassousfi, Taliouine, Taroudant.

The women of the association are specialized in cultivation and harvest of saffron, a characteristic product valorized and sold by local cooperatives.

The Coopérative Igran,Centre d'Assaki, Assaki, Taliouine, Taroundant

It is composed by local families cultivating local typical products such as garlic directly sold in their internal shop.

The Coopèrative Afoulki, Idmine, Agadir Ida-ou Tanane

It is a 100% female employment working on argan oil organic production.

Water, an inestimable resource.

Its management in the visited cooperatives/associations.


Drip irrigation

Solar energy for water pump working

Giant cane coverage for the conservation of water stock

New Moroccan friends

Monica and Naima Ait Aabd (INRA-M)

Monica with Brahim Setar, Migration & Développement and members of one of the visited associations.

Moniica, Rachid (INRA-M) and Abderrazak El Hajri Director of Migration & Développement

Monica and Mohamed Baghadi, Migration & Développement.

Monica and some members of INRA-M team.